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Lamb Fries

From time to time, we like to take advantage of a deal that the good folks at Argenta Market run over at Half-off Arkansas offering $50.00 worth of groceries for only $25.00.  This is a real steal, because as much … Continue reading

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White Bean and Kale Soup

Cold, wet weather is perfect weather for hearty soup – and there aren’t many soups out there that fit the bill better than this delicious soup made with two types of white beans and a generous amount of kale.  To … Continue reading

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Review: Boscos in the River Market

We like beer, but we unfortunately don’t have that many places in Arkansas that make the stuff.  The selection of out-of-state craft beers has been steadily getting better over the past few years, but our local brewers still face an … Continue reading

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Review: Purple Cow (Hot Springs)

It was the day after our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks won the 2012 Cotton Bowl, and we had all celebrated a little too hard.  In times like this, there’s only a few things that will do to revive and replenish a … Continue reading

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Heirloom Apple Compote

There’s no fruit better known than the apple, but like so many of our modern fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, we don’t get quite as wide a variety as was available in more agrarian times.  Modern agriculture has focused … Continue reading

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