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Tailgating with the master

Arkansas is a quirky place, and one of those quirks is our flagship university and sports team, which isn’t anywhere near the populous central part of the state, being tucked away instead way up in the Northwest Corner — closer … Continue reading

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Drunken Beans

I know this might surprise some of you, but there are times when I do really stupid things. Sometimes those things are forgivable, like eating a bag of Famous Amos cookies and a Diet Coke for lunch, but sometimes I … Continue reading

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Review: Whole Hog Cafe (Bryant)

Fans of barbecue sauce will be right at home at Whole Hog Cafe. Continue reading

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Review: P & C Diner

Update: As of March 2012, P & C Diner has closed.  There’s a “Now Renting” sign up on the front, so we’ll keep you posted. If there’s one thing we love about living in Saline County, it’s that there’s a … Continue reading

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