Cheese Dip Championship Redux

It’s been nearly a week since the first annual World Cheese Dip Championship, but the original post is still getting a few hits (thanks mostly to Kat Robinson and the Eat Arkansas blog), so I thought I would upload some more pictures that Jess took at the event. Her pics were so good, it seemed a shame not to post again and share them, especially since so many people worked so hard to make the festival a lot of fun.  We’re looking forward to next year and even mulling a possible entry into the amateur field.

This is the chef of Taqueria Karina, mugging for the camera.

This booth was called “Woo Que Sooiee,” which was our favorite name of the day. I really liked their stainless steel serving pots, and this was a good shot Jess got.

This nice young lady was handing out coupons at the official Velveeta and Ro-tel booth. The dip at the official booth…well, it wasn’t very good, but I think we got a batch that wasn’t fully melted yet.

Display at the Dogtown “BIGCHEZ” Dippers Booth. Theirs was the first meat dip we tried.

One of the nice ladies from Meadors/Adams insurance serving up their “I’m Strong to the Finish ‘Cause I Eats Me Spinach” dip. It was one of our favorites.

This was the dip that won most innovative in the amateur category, a sausage and crawfish tail concoction.  We found it a bit too fishy, and the Ferneau crawfish dip was worlds better, but this was still a decent cheese dip.

The Taqueria Karina dip with its spicy salsa mixed in. This was one of my favorites, although Jess thought that the salsa watered the dip down too much. I agree, the salsa to dip ratio could have been a little heavier on the dip side; but this was still tasty.

Last but not least, a shot of beautiful Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock.

Happy Cooking!



2 thoughts on “Cheese Dip Championship Redux

  1. Wonderful photos! Wish I could have been there. With your descriptions and pictures I can almost taste the cheese dip. Thank you for sharing.

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