Arkansas Colorado Foodies, Part 1

And we’re back! We took a whirlwind trip to Colorado to see Jess’ brother and sister-in-law, and we did it up right! It was much needed vacation for everyone, and we reconnected with family and old friends over some of the best food and drink anybody could ask for. Colorado is known as much for excellent food and beer as it is for its sweeping landscapes – and although I can’t say we got our complete fill of anything, we certainly tried our best!

We came, of course, to eat, drink, and be merry, and we started our pursuit of those very things at the Baker St. Pub & Grill in Denver, a Texas-based British-style pub. Don’t let that Texas-based thing get to you, this place had some seriously good food, and we were most happy to discover that we had arrived right in time for happy hour. Seeing a tap labeled “Baker Street Brown,” Jess and I immediately asked for two. We weren’t disappointed with the rich, malty beer – a perfect pub beer that reminded us of Smithwick’s. The waitress we asked confirmed that the beer was made for the pub by Tommyknocker Brewery of Idaho Springs – a wonderful discovery since visiting Tommyknocker was something we had planned to do the very next day.

Jess opted for the London Platter, a plate of fish and chips served with shrimp.  The fries were tasty enough, and I was most impressed by the shrimp – the crispy Panko-type coating was light and didn’t overpower the large shrimp. The battered plank of cod was good too, flavorful and crisp, and unlike some pub-style fish we’ve eaten recently, the batter adhered nicely to the fish and didn’t fall apart into a soggy mess. The whole lot was served on a tray liner made up to look like the traditional throw-it-in-a-used-newspaper serving method.

As for myself, I have a rule that any time I go to a new restaurant that has fish tacos on the menu – I order them. So of course, I had to try Baker Street’s offering with one taco made of crispy fried fish covered in cole slaw and the other a grilled fish version with carrots, green onions, and chopped cabbage. The plate was served with fresh-fried chips and a very tasty salsa. I was very impressed with the crispy fried option, served in a double soft corn tortilla; the fish was very good and crisp and the coleslaw was as good as any I’ve ever had. The grilled option was a disappointment, though, flavorless and fairly bland. A little of the salsa on top served to spice it right up, though, and I was pretty happy with the meal overall.

Our trip was certainly off to a delicious start, and we were excited to be in Denver. We were even more excited for the next day’s plan though: to head to Boulder and visit some of our favorite shops on Pearl St., eat some French food at a local brasserie, and then make our way into the mountains to Idaho Springs and the Tommyknocker Brewery.  But after such a delicious meal (and more than a couple of pints) we were ready to end a long day of traveling and visiting and head back home to hit the sack.  Going to Colorado has become an annual tradition, and so far, this year had not disappointed in the amount of fun we were having and the new things were getting to experience; and the best was yet to come. Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Arkansas Colorado Foodies, Part 1

  1. It was a great time….can’t wait to hear your report for the rest of the trip. Make sure you tell about the awesome wings and wonderful breakfast. Love ya!

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