When we decide to do a post on a dish or restaurant, Jess generally takes a great many more pictures than we can use in one post. That’s a real shame, because usually there are several that I’d like to include but lack the space to do so.  These are some “leftovers,” and like most leftovers, they’re still pretty good after the fact.

Here’s a good shot of the taps at Little Rock’s own Diamond Bear Brewery.  Jess took this on our first visit, right after the release of their summer seasonal Southern Blonde.

Pictures are an excellent way to remember a dish, a restaurant…or a hefty lineup of delicious beers. On our trip to Colorado last fall, we wanted to try a lot of beers that we can’t normally get in Arkansas, and to that end, we wound up with this lovely assortment.

Selection of hot sauces at Peppercorn on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Peppers at the farmers market in the Little Rock River Market district. One of our favorite summertime activities!

Chili cup from the Guns n’ Hoses Chili Cook-off. This particular selection was our buddy Chet over at Knife Fight Food Blog‘s entry. That cheese straw was THE BUSINESS.

Plate of delicious sushi from Igibon on Rodney Parham. Best sushi in town!

RC Cola and a Moon Pie.  Yep.

Brined and roasted chicken with duck fat cottage potatoes. The only thing ever left over about this is the pictures.

We always enjoy looking back at the pictures we’ve taken of different things, and it’s a shame that so many of them wind up never seeing the light of day.  Thanks to Jess for all the wonderful pictures she’s taken over the course of our working on this blog, and here’s looking forward to a lot more!


3 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Love your posts.. and these extra pics are wonderful!!! Thank you both for making this site one of the best in the cooking world!

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