Review: Jason’s Burgers and More

Don’t be fooled by its dive demeanor and a decor than can only be described as eclectic funk: Jason’s Burgers and More has some serious food.  There are the burgers, of course – thick and juicy with enough choice of toppings to build the beast of your dreams, but Jason’s certainly lives up to the “more” in its name, serving up great steaks, chicken, fish, oysters, ribs, and one of the meanest Philly cheese steaks in Arkansas.  Jason’s is our usual spot to eat after a day at Oaklawn, but the laid back atmosphere, diverse menu, and affordable prices make it a perfect place to eat for almost any occasion.  Tucked away off Highway 7 just south of Hot Springs, Jason’s might seem out of the way but be prepared to get there early or wait for a table: this is a well-loved place among locals and visitors alike.

Jason’s is, of course, best known for their hamburgers, thick slabs of 100% percent ground beef cooked just right and served up hot and juicy with any number of toppings (my favorite is bacon, cheese, and jalapeno).  The monster to the right there is just the single; a double- and even an off-the-menu triple-burger are also available.  Every place serves up a burger these days, and even the gourmet places are getting in on the act with the silliness of “Kobe Beef Burgers,” but Jason’s burger is exactly what a burger should be: flavorful beef served up on a hot bun with no lack of toppings. There’s nothing better.

As you may have gathered, Jason’s food is not for any light eaters or shrinking violets you might have in your midst – portions are huge, cheap, and delicious. In addition to their burgers, they also have the behemoth seen to the left: a foot long beef hot dog (as thick as a kielbasa) smothered in chili, cheese, mustard, onions, and Jason’s tangy homemade cole slaw and served up with more fries than any one human should ever contemplate eating in one sitting. The hot dog itself is grilled so that it has a firm, crunchy skin and a hot middle that explodes into juiciness.  I admit that, on my last visit, I consumed an entire one of these, leaving only a couple of onion slices and about six fries. Totally worth it.

If you’re not in the mood for burgers or hot dogs, Jason’s also has grilled or fried fish, steaks, and one of the best grilled chicken and vegetable dishes I’ve ever tasted. The Philly cheese steak is a don’t miss, although I recommend getting the half portion unless you’ve been living on bread and water for a few weeks or plan on taking some home (and that’s coming from the guy who ate that hot dog monstrosity above).  Rib and shrimp platters are also available as well as several delicious varieties of pie for dessert. Jason’s also has some of the cheapest and coldest pitchers around, so it’s easy to make a night of food and drink last for not a lot of cash.

Jason’s is located on Highway 7 south of Hot Springs, just up Amity road.  They’re open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-9pm. Bar seating is available, and I’m pretty sure they serve wine – although I just stick to beer. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Jason’s Burgers and More

    • Unfortunately, the lighting was so dim that the pic of your fish was hard to see, which is too bad, because it looked really good. We’ll have to do a follow-up when we go to the races this year.

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