Foie Gras and Sweetbreads at Boulevard Bread Company

We recently reviewed Boulevard Bread Company, and there’s certainly no better place in town to get sandwiches, baked goods, and cheeses of the highest quality.  They do some pretty delicious soups and dinner specials, too, and we braved the recent stormy weather to try one of their latest: Seared Foie Gras and Veal Sweetbreads with Pickled Red Onions and Pineapple Chutney.  Fatty duck liver with a side of thymus gland and some fresh baked baguette? Sounds like just my sort of dish – and not one you see on many menus here in Arkansas.  And since it was a relative bargain at only $14.95, we figured some spring thunderstorms shouldn’t keep us from sampling the goodies.

Foie gras has been considered a delicacy since at least the time of the Roman Empire, but these days it’s become a controversial food due to the force-feeding of ducks that produces it.  It’s a rich and delicious treat, though, and rare enough in these parts that I’d suggest trying it whenever you can.  Boulevard’s foie was seared nicely with a nice crust on the outside and a meltingly tender center; it was delicious by itself.  Eaten on pieces of baguette with the tart onions and the spicy-sweet chutney, though, it was pure decadent bliss.  The veal sweetbreads were also delicious; tender and full of good, slightly mineral flavor without the gamey taste that sometimes mars the sweetbread experience.

To keep up with Boulevard’s daily specials, like them on Facebook.  They provided a nice, casual atmosphere for a very good gourmet dish, and I hope that this is something they bring back periodically – I’ll definitely be back to try it again.  Organ meats such as these tend to make folks squeamish, but the quality of ingredients and care of preparation should allay any fears you might have trying them.  Enjoy!


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