Leftovers, Part 2

We always take more pictures than we can hope to use for the blog – and it’s a shame, because I think Jess’ pictures are one of the best parts of Arkansas Foodies.  So from time to time, I think it’s fun to see some of the pics that didn’t make it into a post by themselves.

Some of North Coast Brewing‘s finest at ZaZa Pizza and Salad on Kavanaugh.  On the left is Scrimshaw, a pilsner; to the right is Red Seal, an amber ale.

Me, hiding behind a glass of iced tea at Sushi Cafe, also on Kavanaugh.

The fabulous osso bucco at Red Door on Old Cantrell Road.  Now if they would just take that music off that starts playing when you go to their webpage…

Piping hot Yukon Gold potatoes with butter and milk – I generally mash my potatoes by hand for better texture.

Empty tasting glasses at Odell Brewing Company – Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Freshly poured Guinness at the Flying Saucer – River Market District, Little Rock.

Arkansas strawberries with homemade custard (and a little Reddi-Wip topping).

We’ve got some fun events coming up, so stick around! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Leftovers, Part 2

  1. I just love Jess’ pictures….
    Will you be doing a blog on Stockton Briggle?
    Also there is a new Brazillian steakhouse in Hot Springs called “THE Steakhouse”. We’ll want to try it soon!

    • We’re in for steak, definitely.

      We wanted to do a post on Stockton’s last class but we weren’t sure we’d be able to get pictures, so we’ll try again for this next one. We haven’t done any Indian food yet, so that’s a good opportunity.

      We’ve also got the Jewish Food Festival and the Greek Food Fest coming up, so May is going to be packed.

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