Helping the Hungry with Rice Depot

Imagine that you’re a kid, and you’re going to bed hungry tonight.  Even if your school provides you with a free or reduced breakfast and lunch, there are still a lot of hours between the end of one school day and the beginning of the next – and those can be some incredibly hungry hours for a growing child.  This situation is more prevalent in Arkansas than most of us would like to admit, and since 1982, the Rice Depot has been fighting to help not just those kids in need, but also their families.  Rice Depot distributes over 8 million pounds of food to hungry children, families, seniors, and disaster victims every year – and they need our help to keep doing it.

Arkansas Foodies, along with several other Arkansas food blogs is taking part in the Rice Depot “Delete Hunger” fundraising drive, and we’re asking all of our readers to donate any amount they can.  This is one of our favorite charities around, and 98 cents out of every dollar you donate is guaranteed to go directly to purchasing and distributing food to the people who need it most.  We urge you to help if you can, and help delete hunger in Arkansas.

If you’d like to make a donation, please click here.  All donations go directly to the Rice Depot – we’re just providing the link and urging you to help.  Thanks to all of you, and thanks for supporting such a good charity.


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