Review: Rod’s Pizza Cellar

For me, stepping into Rod’s Pizza Cellar in Hot Springs is like stepping into a time warp.  I’ve been eating there for a lot of years, and nothing ever seems to change with the place – the pictures on the wall are the same, the old pizza oven by the bathrooms is the same, and the little train keeps running around overhead with the same outdated advertisements it’s carried for time out of mind.  Luckily, the tasty pizza served at Rod’s is pretty timeless, too, because even though it had been nearly five years since the last time I ate at Rod’s, the taste was everything I remembered.

We had spent the better part of the day at Oaklawn, and so we needed something quick to revive us and perhaps soak up a bit of that pricey-but-potent track beer.  We ordered a spinach-artichoke dip, and were quickly served the hot, gooey dip with a generous amount of French bread cubes.  The dip was tasty, although it was rather hard to find an actual piece of artichoke – this is more of a pure creamy spinach dip.  Still, it certainly hit the spot and was filling enough to take the edge off of our hunger without spoiling our appetite for our pizza.

And what a pizza it was!  The monster you see to the left is a 17″ Godfather pizza, Rod’s signature pie and one of the biggest pizza’s I’ve ever seen.  In addition to being as big around as a compact car tire, the Godfather was piled up with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, onions, peppers, sausage and topped with at least a half pound of mozzarella cheese.  This isn’t a fold-in-half New York-style pizza, this is a deep dish, eat-with-a-fork, I-kn0w-my-redeemer-liveth style pizza.  There were four of us at this table, and not a one of us could even finish a second piece of this monster.  Little Rock has a lot of good pizza places around, but nobody makes a deep dish like Rod’s Godfather.

Rod’s Pizza Cellar is located 3350 Central Avenue in Hot Springs.  In addition to their gigantic deep dish pizzas, they have thin crust pies, pasta, and sandwiches available.  There’s buffet available for lunch and dinner but I don’t recommend it – ordering off the menu is the best way to get fresh pizza.  Enjoy!

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