Review: Taqueria Samantha

We’ve talked before about how much we love authentic Mexican food – and what big fans we are of the University Market at Four Corners.  Lucky for us, the Market is the occasional home of Taqueria Samantha, a plain white truck serving up some of the best Mexican in town.  With their fresh-cooked pork, chicken, and steak, Samantha is one of the tastiest members of the University Market family – not to mention one of the only trucks that parks for dinner.  And while I’m pretty faithful to their huge tacos (only $5.55 for three), they’ve also got great quesadillas, burritos, and even cheeseburgers and hot dogs for the folks that might not be in the mood for Mexican (but take our advice: be in the mood for Mexican).

The first tacos I tried at Samantha were filled with tender chunks of marinated pork and topped with lettuce, tomato, white cheese, and thin line of sour cream.  That tender, spicy pork was so good that I stuck with it for my next few trips before finally sampling the carne asada and chicken – and now I really don’t know which is my favorite.  The steak and chicken are both just as tender and flavorful as the pork, with just enough fragrant cilantro added to round out the flavor without overpowering.  A healthy squirt of fresh lime juice and a generous dash of the hot salsa verde is all these tacos need to reach perfection.  There are a lot of great trucks parking down at the University Market, but if you’re passing by in the evening, be sure to stop by and give Taqueria Samantha a try – they’re friendly, inexpensive, and delicious.

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