Quick Bite: White Truffle and Pecorino Burger

Today’s Quick Bite review comes to us courtesy of West Little Rock’s best burger joint, Big Orange.  We’ve had our ups and downs with the service at Big Orange over the years, but if there’s one thing that’s always been stellar, it’s the food.  Out of all their tasty burgers, my personal favorite is the White Truffle and Pecorino: a juicy patty of 100% Black Angus beef topped with thick slices of pecorino cheese, crisp arugula, sweet fig jam, white truffle, and mayo served on a fluffy, chewy bun with just the right balance of softness  for texture and toughness to hold up to all those toppings.  The flavors working here are spectacular with the savory seasoned beef transformed into something else entirely by the sweet and earthy play of the jam, truffle, and cheese.  Be warned, though: this burger is large and very rich, so don’t hesitate to split one with a friend – that’ll just give you more room to try some of Big Orange’s excellent fries, shakes, or sample one of their very respectable selection of draft beers.  There are a lot of so-called gourmet burgers in Little Rock charging accordingly: the White Truffle and Pecorino at Big Orange is one of the few that live up to the name.  Enjoy!


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