Quick Bite: Calzone at Vino’s

I love a good calzone, sometimes even more than pizza.  There’s just something about that crisp, flaky crust filled with goodies that pleases my taste buds on every level.  With that in mind, today’s Quick Bite review is of the Pepperoni and Mushroom calzone from Vino’s Pizzeria and Brew Pub.  This massive calzone is stuffed with mozzarella and ricotta and loaded with pepperoni and mushrooms and served with a dish of Vino’s smooth, tangy marinara to the side.  What makes this dish special to me is the ricotta cheese, which adds a richness in flavor and a nice contrast in texture to the stringy mozzarella.  The crust is tender, but substantial enough to hold all those fillings without getting soggy or falling apart. It’s large enough to share with a friend, and at less than seven bucks a great deal as well.  In addition to the pepperoni and mushroom version shown above, there are plain cheese, sausage, vegetarian, and a loaded “Special” versions available, too – and they all make a pretty good foundation to soak up all Vino’s tasty house beers.

Vino’s is located at 7th and Chester, and they’re open for lunch and dinner daily.


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