Best of 2012 Readers’ Poll, Chicken gets Political, and Other Random Stuff

So those of you who follow us over on Facebook or Twitter might have heard us talking about our recent Runner-up in the 2012 Arkansas Times Reader’s Choice Poll.  This is our second year to make the list, and we actually placed in two categories this year: Best Blog and Best Website.  This is the first year we’ve gotten one of those nifty little posters that the Times sends out, seen to the left being displayed by one of our many highly-paid professional models.  It’s exciting to know that enough of you took the time to go place a vote for us, and we’re honored to be included in a list of blogs like Max Brantley’s Arkansas Blog, Paul Carr’s craze-fest Forbidden Hillcrest, and another food blog we have a little something to do with, Eat Arkansas.  This blog started because we decided to go from the annoying people who spam your Facebook newsfeed with pictures of food we were making and eating to the people who spam your newsfeed with links to the articles we write about the food we’re making and eating.  In the meantime, we’ve met a lot of interesting folks who are involved in the food community in various ways, made a ton of new friends, and generally had one of the best series of years in living memory.

In other news, it sometimes happens that food and politics meet, whether it’s the foie gras ban in California (we’re against it) or the anti-gay marriage stance of Chick-Fil-A (which we’re also against).  But honestly, the homophobia and bigotry aren’t what keeps me from eating at Chick-Fil-A; what keeps me from eating there is that their food is really, really horrible.  It’s not as bad as Cantina Bell, but it’s pretty terrible.  So I suggest boycotting Chick-Fil-A because their chicken sandwiches suck at least as hard as their politics.  Of course, the long lines I saw tonight outside the Bryant location prove that there’s still a lot of progress we’ve got to make here in Arkansas both in terms of tolerance for people and taste in restaurants.  If you’d like to support local business and eat a chicken sandwich that’s actually good, we’d like to direct your attention to the sandwich pictured right up there: the almond-encrusted crispy chicken sandwich from our buddies at The Southern Gourmasian.  Tender, succulent chicken with a crispy coating, served on a challah roll from Boulevard Bread Company and topped with fresh basil and homemade aioli.  Add a side of their homemade potato chips and you’ve got a deal of a meal that puts fast food to shame.  We did a full review of Gourmasian for the Times, but that chicken sammie is new.

Lastly, I know that posting has been rather random and intermittent lately, and that’s for two basic reasons: most of our restaurant write-ups are getting posted over at Eat Arkansas these days and it’s just been to dad-blame hot to cook.  But we’ve tried some pretty awesome restaurants lately, and you can keep up with us over there for reviews of places ranging from Saline County favorites Eat My Catfish and Baja Grill to our favorite taco truck in Little Rock.  We’re also posting updates about food events and festivals, so if you’ve got a tip or would like to have us take a look at what you’re doing, please e-mail me at — I love hearing from all of you.  Thanks to all of you who read and comment: you make this a lot of fun.  Cheers!


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