A Wedding, and a Week in Seattle

Well, friends, it’s been awhile since our last update, but we had a good reason: after nearly four years of engagement and a year of planning, the Arkansas Foodies went and got hitched. We had a lovely ceremony at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hot Springs, a wonderful venue located in the restored Ozark Bathhouse on the Spa City’s historic Bath House Row. I can’t speak highly enough of the MOCA’s staff, as they were very accommodating with our taking over their museum for a day. We couldn’t have had such a wonderful day without a lot of people in our corner, so special thanks to Mueller’s Bistro and Bakery for a lovely and delicious cake, Lisa Whitley of Glenwood Florist for our excellent flower arrangements, Leneé Curtis Photography for their low-key approach to our wedding pictures, Randi Slick of Signature Events for their materials and set-up, and Central Arkansas Entertainment for a good DJ. In addition, thanks to Jess’ Aunt Charlotte, who loaned us a lot of serving materials and to my mom and dad, who hosted the rehearsal dinner, provided some home-smoked meats for the reception, and who, in the case of my minister father, made the whole thing legal.

The one main person responsible for this wedding’s success, and without whom none of this great day would have been possible, is my mother-in-law, Tracy Miller. From the very first stages of planning, Tracy was always ready to help us figure out the best way to execute something, offer suggestions on substance and style, and keep us motivated to continue on when things got a little overwhelming. She was the first person in the venue, helping set everything up, she cooked and prepared a number of sweet and savory treats for the reception, and was one of the last people to leave after everything was cleaned up. Jess and I don’t think there’s any good way to really ever thank her for all the time and resources she spent on making our wedding day a special one, but I do know that nothing would have gone as well as it did without her.

For our honeymoon, Jess and I took a trip to Seattle, Washington, a city with a well-deserved reputation as a paradise for foodies. We ate, drank, and cooked a great number of delicious things, and I’m excited to start posting about all of them. From the fresh seafood and briny oysters to charcuterie and craft beer, we ate our way all across downtown, fueled by the plentiful coffee found all over. We were lucky enough to catch an autumn week in the Northwest without a drop of rain, and while it was a little colder than the weather we left in Arkansas, it was a magical and invigorating trip full of fun sights and delicious eats. So stay tuned, readers, we’re going to be offering up some of our favorite eats in Seattle coming up on the blog!


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