Why donate?

IMG_9453Donate to a blog? Well that takes some real cojones on our part to ask folks to do that, doesn’t it? After all, this is the new age of digital media where everything is free and we like it just fine that way.

And when it comes to this blog, I’m inclined to agree with you. Arkansas Foodies has always been a labor of love, something that Jess and I did in our spare time in order to share our love of the food and people of Arkansas with the world at large. And we’ve been gratified and humbled by the responses we’ve gotten over the years.

Over that time, I’ve chosen to keep Foodies free of advertising (save for whatever ads WordPress may force us to run), although that may change in the future. The website doesn’t run for free, and while there’s not just a ton of overhead for this site, there’s still expenditures that must be absorbed. I don’t know if advertising is the answer to that issue, but it’s certainly a possibility. The other possibility is to have a small donation drive where you, the reader, can maybe toss us a few bucks as a way of saying “keep up the good work.”

The main impetus behind this idea of a fundraising drive is this: within a matter of weeks, I’ll be taking on a major role with one of Arkansas’ top-rated radio programs. While this program enjoys a great deal of popularity, it doesn’t enjoy a massive budget (much like this blog). To do the job right, there are some equipment and software purchases that we really need to make, things that, while not large, are outside the reach of our day jobs and my freelance work. Thus, the donation request. On the side-bar, you’ll see a button that says “Donate.” That links directly to our PayPal account, and all donations will go to buying a digital recorder and some editing software. And since I know times are tough, if you can’t afford a dollar or two, leave us a comment telling us “good luck” so that we can at least know you’re thinking about us.



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