Getting my liver on in Denver

IMG_1495Man, oh, manischewitz I love me some chopped liver, and it’s something that only shows up in all its delicious glory once a year in these parts — at the Little Rock Jewish Food and Cultural Festival. It’s rich, earthy, and somehow creamy while still being kosher. Total alchemy.

Where you can’t get it in Central Arkansas is in a decent New York-style deli, mostly because we ain’t got one. This seems to me to be one of the biggest oversights in my part of the world — we’ve got decent sandwich shops, sure, but we don’t have an honest-to-Jehovah deli. It’s a shame.

Well, for Thanksgiving this past year, we trekked ourselves out to Colorado to spend the holiday with Jess’ brother and his wife, and one of the “must try” places that my brother-in-law took us was New York Deli News, and there, on the menu, I saw it: pastrami with chopped liver, available on pumpernickel. I may or may not have squealed like a little girl.

The sandwich was a monster, full of flavorful liver, salty pastrami, and all tucked between two slices of dark, rich bread. In the end, it was too much for me to finish, but I made a damn good try at it. The liver wasn’t too strong or gamy, and while the proportions of this sandwich were almost cartoonish, it was still one of the best sandwich experiences of my life. The rest of the family had equally as delicious of a time with their respective orders, and we all left the restaurant groaning and stuffed to the gills.

Liver might make you squeamish, but I say eat more of it. Eat it until you learn to love it. And if you get the chance, eat it with some pastrami at Denver’s best deli — because you sure can’t eat it in Little Rock. Happy Eating!

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Happy New Year!

HENTwo months.

Yes, friends and neighbors, it’s been exactly two months since I posted anything here, the largest gap of time without content that’s gone down in four years. Ain’t that terrible?

Not really.

A lot has transpired in the past two months, and I’m afraid that this poor blog has been my neglected child because of it. Owing to the success of Arkansas Food and Farm magazine last year, the Arkansas Times has not only expanded our issue count from two to four, they’ve also tapped me to edit a new publication, Arkansas Made, which will be coming out in June. And there’s still the Eat Arkansas blog, which has expanded to include some new writers (and will hopefully expand more in the coming weeks).

Because I make actual money doing those other things, I’ve put them first. I’m sure you all understand.

But perhaps the best thing that’s come of the past two months is that after several years of peddling my ass all around the freelance market, I’ve been hired on to do all these things full time. Which means that I’ll have more time for my personal writing — which means that we shouldn’t have another two month gap here on Foodies.

If you’ve kept up with us since we first started this thing from a 450-square foot apartment in wilds of Saline County, I’d like to thank you. It’s been a fun journey, with only insignificant bumps along the way. Things are better than ever, and 2015 looks like the year that I finally get to do what I’ve always wanted in terms of promotion of the great state of Arkansas and all the wonderful food folks who live, breathe, grow, cook, and eat Arkansas food.

You guys rock, and we’re going to rock along with you. Cheers, everyone, and here’s to the happiest of new years!