6 Week Kickboxing Program (2023)

The RealFit Real Badass Kickboxing Program

GET READY! 'cuz in a short 6 weeks you will be even MORE of a badass 👊


This Badass Kickboxing Program is For You If...

  • Youare exhausted from our diet culture and want to be part of a community that doesn't count calories or points and instead, focused on being as badass as possible, regardless of weight!

  • You get bored easily & love new workout challenges every week that you can do from home

  • Youlove music & think it's a major part of workout motivation

  • Youappreciate structure and guidanceon how toimprove your boxing technique (which gets you more bang foryour buck!)

  • Youare seeking a constructive way to channel your energy and let off some steam

Real FIT 🤜 Real Badass

This 6 week kickboxing workout program is designed for you to have some structure and guidance as you develop greater strength, muscle definition and absolute confidence in yourself.

The program is laid out week by week, workout by workout in a certain sequence, and is designed as a GUIDELINE for you to have direction for what to do next as you allow your body to rest and recover, minimize the soreness AND be willing to change and adapt to your changing schedule depending on how you are feeling from week to week. Our motto 'round here is "progress not perfection."
Did you know thatyour ultimate success begins with your mindset?
"Mindset" refers to a way of thinking, or a set of attitudes thatdrive you to do (or NOT do) what you do!
And that is why every week in our 6-week journey together, we begin with a "Mindset Monday" message, so you can begin up-leveling your thinking, as you are working on taking more consistent care of your body.
Here are 4 things you need to know so that you get the most out of this program:

#1 ~ Put It In Your Calendar

This does not mean that you need to accomplish all 5 workoutsfor every single week!
In fact, I encourage rest days and you have my permission to take walks or other breaks in between (more on that in #4)
Especially if you are super sore. Your body is the most active in repair & recovery on your days off, or on the days you have gentle movement like walking, a gentle yoga practice, swimming or doing something playful (just for fun! not always for exercise)

#2 ~ Cardio is Out, Strength is IN

I understand if you have beentaught to believethat cardio is the method of fitness that is most important for weight loss. It's a message I've seen pumped through the media for years.
However, that is not why youbecome a part of RealFit.
You are here for the most fun AND effective training.
You are here for the REAL truth- the science and the facts about how your body best responds to exercise. After over 2 decades as an expert in this field, I can no longer condone straight up cardio as the method for peak health or the best for overall body conditioning and vitality.
Strength training (especially integrated with interval training) is an investment in your health for weeks, months & years to come.
Cardio training is overrated, because the benefits are really just for today. (if you LOVE certain cardio workouts, then do them for the joy of it, rather than for the calorie burn part of it)
Building muscle is an essential part of the equation to build healthy metabolism and balance your hormones naturally.
If you are strength training properly, it IS cardio AND it will build the strength of your joints, such as your hips, knees & ankles.
So, rest assured, that's how we do it RealFit style.
Here's how the coming weeks will look:
Mindset Message of the Week
Workout #1 = Kick & Box Strength Interval
Workout #2 = Yoga
Workout #3 = Kick & Box Strength Interval
Workout #4 - Kick & Box Cardio
Workout #5 = HIIT, Strength or Mash Up (workouts that incorporate 3 or more formats together in 1 workout)

#3 ~ Suggested Equipment

6 Week Kickboxing Program (1)

Weighted Gloves

Increaseyour workout intensity with 1 poundweighted gloves

Purchase Weighted Gloves on Amazon

6 Week Kickboxing Program (2)


A pair of 5's & 8's(or whatever you have) to get you started

Purchase Dumbbells on Amazon

6 Week Kickboxing Program (3)

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be used foryoga, stretching & floor exercises.

Purchase Yoga Mat on Amazon

6 Week Kickboxing Program (4)

Heavy Bag

Optional for 1 of the workouts every week (not required!)

(Video) OFF THE HOOK | 6 week Kickboxing Program | Day 1 | Weight Loss

Purchase Heavy Bag on Amazon

6 Week Kickboxing Program (5)


Thisis just fun to have & you can use if you've already got one
(not required)

Purchase Bosu on Amazon

6 Week Kickboxing Program (6)

Step w/ Risers

This is just fun to have & you can use if you've already got one
(not required)

Purchase Step on Amazon

#4 ~ What to Do After The 6 Weeks

1) Repeat it over from the beginning! Do another 6 weeks, starting again from week #1 & notice how much you've improved!
2) Upgrade to All Access & use the structure of the "Strength - cardio/flexibility - strength - cardio/flexibility - strength" pattern along with rest days, walking & other fun activities for you to go into the RealFit library & pull out some new workouts to try in other categories too, like kickboxing, HIIT & ride (if you've got a spin bike at home)
There are oodles in theAll Access areaif you want to try something new OR perhaps there are ones you'd like to repeat (kinda like ordering the same thing on a menu when you know it's a favorite). Either way, you can't fail!
3) Move onto a new 6 or 8 week workout plan! Upgrade toRealFit All Accesswhere ALL the program are included, for example:
  • RealFit8 Week Workout Program
  • RealFit Real Defined 6 Week Strength Program
  • RealFit Real Lean 6 Week HIIT Program
No matter which option you choose, you can't go wrong!
Remember to comment under the videos and ask me questions or submit requests - I am here to help support you. Be sure to alsolet us know if you are having as much fun as me & the MissFits are!

This Is A Total Health Approach,
It's Not Just About Dieting

"Thisprogram is the real deal. No gimmicks. Just the straight goods. Other programs were very diet specific whereas this site promotes total body health as your choice. Dana affords me the ability to make choices that benefit me. Every achievement is as good for her as it is for me. Dana cares about all aspects of health. Mind, body, and soul."

~Teri Marcotte

6 Week Kickboxing Program (10)

Here's The Line Up For Each Week...

RealFit Real Badass Week #1

6 Week Kickboxing Program (11)

Mindset Message

Q & A about stress, belly fat & your thought process

6 Week Kickboxing Program (12)


Winter Bash Box & Strength
The perfectstart as yougear up for this6 week program.

6 Week Kickboxing Program (13)


Yoga Basics
Open your hips with thisultimate complement to kickboxing

6 Week Kickboxing Program (14)


Badass Box & Strength Interval
Unleashyour inner badass just in time to get you over humpday

6 Week Kickboxing Program (15)


Mayweather Workout Challenge
Here's an opportunity to use your heavy bag if you have it (but you don't need it)

6 Week Kickboxing Program (16)

Weekend BONUS

Rock Block Mash Up
Step + Strength + Kickboxing + Yoga Flow = Badass way to finish your 1st week🤘

"Dana is like a workout Buddha. She is able to make me believe I can do anything. She seems to be more of a motivating friend than a trainer. Words honestly can't describe how inspiring Dana Lee is!"

Nick Markert
New Jersey
(Video) My New 6 Week Fitness Challenge w/ ILoveKickBoxing [Measurements & Expectations -2020]

RealFit Real Badass Week #2

6 Week Kickboxing Program (17)

Mindset Message

How Are You Treating Yourself? See A New Perspective Through 3 Indicators

6 Week Kickboxing Program (18)


Summer Bash Box & Strength
This is the OG workout from the Winter Bash in week #1

6 Week Kickboxing Program (19)


Hips 101, Yoga Style
Want to improve your kicks? Yoga is the answer!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (20)


Hip Hop Booty & Box
We focus on one of your greatest assetsto killerhip hop beats

6 Week Kickboxing Program (21)


Box It or bag It Cardio Drill
This isan oldie but goodie & VERY cardio intensive!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (22)

Weekend BONUS

Twisted Sister Circuit
Some 80's rock circuit-style with me & my [twisted] sister

"I don't last the distance with other programs which are 12 wks etc, I get bored. I hadn't come across anything Like RealFit before, which is why I jumped on board as I knew I'd get my $ worth! Before RealFit I was fitting in my own workouts at home off YouTube and old workout programs. Dana's workouts are filled of variety, fun, and educational and are the type of workouts I love. RealFit has helped me be better at mentally accepting of myself and my workout needs, more is not necessarily better, but the answer is to working out smarter."

Julie Snell

6 Week Kickboxing Program (23)

Mindset Message

You can have it all... just not all at once (a motto I live by)

6 Week Kickboxing Program (24)


Twofer One Box & Build Tribute
You get two different workout options built into this one!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (25)


Indie Fire & Flow Yoga
Not a yoga fan? This flow fires it up & might change your mind

6 Week Kickboxing Program (26)


Box It or Bag It Afterburner
Just like it sounds... your body will keep burnin' afterit's over

6 Week Kickboxing Program (27)


Box It Out Rock It Out
Classic cardio kickboxing to some straight up classic rock

6 Week Kickboxing Program (28)

Weekend BONUS

Let It Flow Yoga & Strength
Because you value flexibility, you are even more of a badass

"RealFit is different because it's realistic! It never feels like a cheesy workout site/program that you would find on a late night infomercial. Dana and her team are honest, hard working, and truly inspirational. The workouts are effective and not complicated (except maybe some step videos..but I'm just super uncoordinated with choreography haha). I never feel out of place or like I'm not capable of doing the workouts. I've tried other at-home programs, and I never stuck with them for more than a few months because I got bored and wasn't seeing the results they "promised." I always hated gyms because I felt like I was comparing myself to everyone else there and not focusing on myself enough. I love that I don't have to leave my living room to get a whole body/mind workout."

Allison Sassano

RealFit Real Badass Week #4

6 Week Kickboxing Program (29)

Mindset Message

If she did it, you can do it too (eliminating comparison)

6 Week Kickboxing Program (30)


Breakthrough Box & Strength
Week 4 is the perfect timefor a breakthrough!

(Video) OFF THE HOOK | 6 week Kickboxing Program | Day 2 | Weight Loss

6 Week Kickboxing Program (31)


Yin Yoga
All this kickboxing calls for the restoration of connective tissue

6 Week Kickboxing Program (32)


Work Hard Play Hard
Workin’ hard & playin’ hard - super fun one for hump day

6 Week Kickboxing Program (33)


Speed vs Balance Challenge
We take out the jumping & boost the intensity through speed work

6 Week Kickboxing Program (34)

Weekend Bonus

Box It, Build It & Breathe
Abit ‘o this & a bit ‘o that to create the ultimate power hour

RealFit Real Badass Week #5

6 Week Kickboxing Program (35)

Mindset Message

The grass is always greener where you water it

6 Week Kickboxing Program (36)


Boxing Bandits
Here's a fun one that puts your bands to use (if you've got them)

6 Week Kickboxing Program (37)


Shoulders 101
This yoga practice isfor you to maintainhealthy shoulders

6 Week Kickboxing Program (38)


Look Like a Beauty &
Kick Like a Beast

What we all want from our kickboxing workout, right?

6 Week Kickboxing Program (39)


Striking with Power
This 30 minute Box It or Bag It brings da POWER!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (40)

Weekend BONUS

Mash Up Mayhem
Kickboxing, Step & Bodyweight Training is the ultimate trifecta!

SheSpeaks My Language

"Joining RealFit has affirmed the belief that it is not just lifting or cardio, but a smart combination of both! As an east coast transplant to the west it is refreshing to me to be instructed my someone who speaks my language."

~Lori Wallen Reidel

6 Week Kickboxing Program (41)

RealFit Real Badass Week #6

6 Week Kickboxing Program (42)

Mindset Message

Organize Your Life Around Your Dreams & Watch Them Come True

6 Week Kickboxing Program (43)


Sexy Back & Shoulder Workout
Weights, Kickboxing & some killer combos for killer

6 Week Kickboxing Program (44)


Restorative Yoga for the Hips
By the final week, your hips deserve some love!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (45)


Lift & Cardio Kick Interval
An oldie but goodie sure to unleash your inner badass

6 Week Kickboxing Program (46)


Heart-Pumpin' Jab Jumpin'
This is 3 workouts in 1- for the last week, the choice is yours!

6 Week Kickboxing Program (47)

Weekend BONUS

4 x 4 Power Trip
Thisawesome mash up is theconclusion of your badassery mastery!

Now that you’ve found RealFit ~ Your life, your body & your home fitness routine is about to get a helluva lot simpler, fiercely more fun & get you on a sustainable path that starts from the inside, out.

Choose The Best Option To Get Started




IncludesThe 6-week RealFit
RealBadass Program for FREE

+ 10 AdditionalPrograms to Follow
(that will get you results
for months to come)

450+ Fiercely FunWorkouts

New Workouts Added Every Month

Monthly Live Stream Workouts
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WeeklyMindset Videos

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Renews Every MonthUnlessYou Decide to Cancel






Designed to HelpWomen Everywhere Harness Their Inner Badass

Fiercely Fun Workouts That Keep You From Getting Bored & Amp Up the Results You Get From Working Out at Home

This ProgramEncourages
"Progress Not Perfection"

Mindset Videos to Get Each Week StartedIn the Best Frame of Mind





IncludesThe 6-week RealFit
RealBadassProgram for FREE

+ 10 Additional Programs to Follow
(that will get you results
for months to come)

450+ Fiercely FunWorkouts

New Workouts Added Every Month

Monthly Live Stream Workouts
(Face to Face via Video)

WeeklyMindset Videos

Cooking Videos

Private Facebook Group

Renews Every 6 Months UnlessYou Decide to Cancel


(Video) ILoveKickboxing Six Week Challenge | Project Candice

A Portion of Every SaleGoes to The Ocean Clean Up Project

At RealFit, we care about the environment and the impacts of consumerism. Every month a portion of RealFit sales goes to cleaning up the plastic from our beautiful oceans.


6 Week Kickboxing Program (48)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share this program with a friend?

Yes, you can share a login...

However, keep in mind that your login will only have 1 profile, so when you mark a video as "complete", itmay not be at the same pace your partner is at with his/her workout program.

In other words, it will throw off your "completion" tracking.

Are the workouts streaming only or can I download them?

The workouts in the RealFit Real Easy 4 Week Programare only available for streaming because of the music licensing agreement that we have in placethat enables us touse original artists.

However, there are a handful of workouts for traveling that you can download to any device and use without nee for an internet connection.

How long are the workout videos?

Each video is around 30 minutes, however, as you learn once you get started, you are able to to the warm up, part of the workout, then skip to the cool down & stretch. In those cases, your workout may only be 15-20 minutes.

Never cut out the warm up or the cool down. These are essential parts of the program that help you minimize soreness and stiffness.

Who's Dana Lee?

Dana Lee began her fitness career in 1994 when step was all the rage & group fitness was on the rise. After the gym industry pissed her off, she decided to open Evolution Health & Fitness in 2008; a boutique fitness studio, the first of its kind in New Jersey. If you remember correctly, 2008 was the year the market tanked, and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. RealFit.tv - an online version of kick-ass studio workouts for at-home exercisers - was born shortly thereafter. In fact, you may know Dana Lee from YouTube where it all began back in 2012. Altho she no longer posts new workouts on YouTube,you can get an ever BETTER workout experiencewith awesome music, dynamic & creative content, & support all on RealFit.tv.💪

When Dana Lee is not filming workouts for the site, she is either riding motorcycles with her husband Steve, practicing handstands in yoga, or hanging with a good friend havinggreatconversation over adeliciouscuppa coffee ☕️#havecoffeewilltravel #realfitonthego
She alsoadvocates forchildrenin foster care as the role of a CASA in the county of Passaic, NJ.

6 Week Kickboxing Program (49)



How long does it take to see results with kickboxing? ›

How soon will you see results? “If you're going to class at least three days per week and are eating a relatively clean diet, then you can expect to start seeing results within three weeks since these workouts are highly effective at burning fat and toning,” says Lopez.

How many times should I train kickboxing a week? ›

So, how often should you take Kickboxing practice? If your primary goal is to burn fat and get in shape, training kickboxing three times a week will get you in excellent condition. If you want to compete in the sport on a high level, five or more Kickboxing practices weekly will be required.

Is 30 minutes of kickboxing enough? ›

30 minutes is just the right amount of time to build strength as well. You just have to make sure that you are exhausting the big muscle groups such as the chest, legs, and back. We do this at BRKM through HIIT training, and we are not only punching and kicking the bags, but we also use kettlebells.

How fast can I lose weight with kickboxing? ›

weight loss per week. So, if you reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories daily and do kickboxing, you will be able to lose 1.34 lbs. per week.

Can kickboxing change your body? ›

Tone and Strengthen Your Entire Body

Kickboxing strengthens and tones your legs, arms, glutes, back, and core all at once. You're moving through the entire workout, causing you to burn more calories while strengthening your muscles. This equates to fat loss, not muscle loss!

What are the disadvantages of kickboxing? ›

A disadvantage of kickboxing is that you won't learn how to move as well as boxers who are frequently practicing and improving their footwork. Your stance will be square which opens the middle of your body and your head movement also won't be as good as someone who has trained in boxing.

Is kickboxing harder than boxing? ›

Is Boxing Harder Than Kickboxing? I don't think any of the two sports is harder than the other. In kickboxing, you have more techniques to learn and master, but the more limited rules of boxing mean the level of the allowed techniques will be much higher.

Is kickboxing better than HIIT? ›

In terms of weight loss kickboxing scores higher in terms of burning calories but you will probably feel hungrier after training whilst HIIT seems to reduce your appetite. I would call it a draw and there's no scientific evidence to prove one is more effective than the other.

Is kickboxing better than gym? ›

Reason 3: The gym is not mentally challenging.

Kickboxing and martial arts will develop both your body and mind. The techniques and exercises used in kickboxing will help you burn calories, tone up, lose fat and develop flexibility but thy will also challenge you mentally.

What should I eat after kickboxing? ›

Interested in healthy foods post-kickboxing? Get them below.
  • Peanut butter and bananas.
  • Mashed sweet potatoes and a protein drink.
  • Apple slices and almond butter.
  • Sushi.
  • Tuna salad and crackers.
  • Hard boiled egg and grapes.
  • Oatmeal.
  • Yogurt.
26 Apr 2019

Does kickboxing tone your stomach? ›

As mentioned above, kickboxing is an excellent cardio workout, which means it also works to tone the body faster than other forms of exercise. Kickboxing is particularly helpful in toning the belly and sides of the tummy, or those hated love handles.

Who should not do kickboxing? ›

About 30% of Americans experience lower back pain, and kickboxing probably will not be the best option for them. If you are already experiencing issues with your lower back, the amount of strain that throwing kicks can put on this area of your body, as well as your hips, is not worth the exercise benefits.

Does kickboxing give you a flat stomach? ›

According to research, the cardio-conditioning involved in kickboxing exercises is a highly effective way to burn stubborn belly fat.

Is kickboxing hard on your body? ›

However, the swift whole-body movements required in kickboxing could also cause injuries. Back, knee, hip and shoulder strains are all common among kickboxers, found a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Is it OK to do kickboxing everyday? ›

How Many Days a Week Should I Do Kickboxing? As many as you want to as long as your body is holding up to the stress and demand you're placing on it. A slow technical session is going to put a lot different demand on your body than a HIIT style heavy bag workout.

Does kickboxing make you skinny or bulky? ›

Kickboxing training helps to build muscle mass, boosts your metabolism and pushes your body to lose weight even faster. Moreover, it is a great cardio workout, which means it can help to tone your body faster than other forms of exercise. Kickboxing is particularly helpful in toning the belly and love handles.

Is kickboxing enough of a workout? ›

Kickboxing can be good for your heart, joints, strength, balance, and coordination. It's a great way to tame stress, too. But always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine. You can expect a physically demanding workout, especially if you go all-out for an hour-long class.

What moves are illegal in kickboxing? ›

Elbows, knees, and spinning backfists are forbidden. Clinch fighting, throws and sweeps (with the exception of foot sweeps) are forbidden. Bouts are usually 3 rounds (lasting 2–3 minutes each) with a 1-minute rest in between rounds.

Is 30 too old to start kickboxing? ›

If you're in your 30s and think it's too late to start training in martial arts, you could be mistaken. Just because you didn't reap the benefits of joining a gym at a young age, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of learning a martial art now.

Should I lift weights after kickboxing? ›

Kickboxers require high levels of lower-body speed and power. Strength training can be performed on the same day as kickboxing training, preferably after kickboxing separated by at least 6 hours.

Is kickboxing harder than karate? ›

Both of these martial arts are effective for self-defense. However, the power behind Kickboxing can't be disregarded. Therefore, it is a bit more potent than Karate when it comes to being able to defend yourself from any attack. You approach the attacker much more aggressively, disregarding the damage you might cause.

How do kickboxers train? ›

Circuit training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training are excellent ways of improving anaerobic fitness, and can mimic the start-stop pattern of a kickboxing match. This also gets fighters used to working maximally again, after a short recovery period.

Will kickboxing help in a street fight? ›

Kickboxing is very effective for self-defense, even though you don't learn grappling or ground combat. You will get physically fit and strong and have the technique and knowledge to read your attacker and respond quickly and precisely.

What does kickboxing do to your body? ›

While there hasn't been any super-recent science analyzing the pay-offs of your punching, one study from 2014 did find that kickboxing improved upper-body and aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed, and agility. In other words, you hit every aspect of physical training.

What are 5 benefits of kickboxing? ›

Top 7 Benefits of Kickboxing Workouts
  • Reduce Stress. You can kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes of your high-energy kickboxing routine. ...
  • Boost Confidence Levels. According to Dr. ...
  • Improved Coordination. ...
  • Burn Mega Calories. ...
  • Ideal Cross-Training Workout. ...
  • Energy Boost. ...
  • Better Posture.

How kickboxing changed my life? ›

Kickboxing builds self-confidence by shattering the physical and mental limitations you've imposed on yourself. It teaches you that with proper training and dedication, anything is possible. This, of course, permeates far beyond the reaches of the gym and into your personal life.

How do I get in shape for kickboxing? ›

Kick butt kickboxing workout
  1. criss-cross jumping jacks for 30 seconds.
  2. knee-ups for 30 seconds.
  3. split squat jumps for 30 seconds.
  4. squats into front kicks or jump front kicks for 30 seconds.
  5. burpees for 30 seconds.
  6. mountain climbers for 30 seconds.
  7. Spider-Man pushups for 30 seconds.
17 Sept 2013

How long should a kickboxing workout be? ›

Typical cardio kickboxing classes run from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the gym or studio. Despite the name, cardio kickboxing is a noncontact workout. All punches and kicks are thrown into the air or onto pads.

Is kickboxing cardio or HIIT? ›

As a type of martial art and contact sport, kickboxing is loaded with cardio movement and strength-building exercises that work out the entire body.

Is Crossfit or kickboxing better? ›

If your only goal is to get in great physical condition, then you should choose Crossfit. It is a high-intensity fitness program that will get you into great shape. If you want to learn self-defense in the process and go at your own pace, then Kickboxing is the better option for you.

What is a good kickboxing routine? ›

Warm-up (5–10 minutes) – Complete each warm-up exercise for 30-60 seconds.
  • Light jog.
  • Alternating high knees.
  • Easy side-to-side shuffles (right and left)
  • Jump rope.
  • Light jumping jacks.
  • Squats.
  • Alternating reverse lunges.
  • Alternating reverse lunges with a knee.
26 Dec 2018

What is a kickboxers diet? ›

There is no magic food for kickboxing. Success comes from a complete diet. Your carbohydrates should be complex, as opposed to refined products, like sugar and white bread. Protein should come from natural sources as much as possible.

What should I eat before kickboxing in the morning? ›

Here are some ideas for pre-workout snacks:
  • Low-sugar Greek yogurt with fruit and/or granola.
  • Banana with peanut or almond butter.
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter.
  • Pasta or rice.
  • Whole-grain cereal and milk.
  • Oatmeal with fruit and/or nuts.
  • Fruit salad.
  • Veggies with hummus.
6 Aug 2021

Can kickboxing reduce breast size? ›

Cardiovascular Exercises

Burning 500 calories a day, every day, would help you to drop 1 pound of fat each week, decreasing breast size and trimming belly fat. Choose exercises that work the major muscle groups in your body such as brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, kickboxing and rowing.

Do kickboxers lift weights? ›

Kickboxers need power, speed, and strength during fights. Having a combination of these helps to improve technique and performance. That is why weight training and body weight exercises can prove to be very useful in the long term.

What are the pros and cons of kickboxing? ›

Kickboxing provides a great workout with many positive benefits, but it also has negative consequences. Some of the pros of kickboxing include reducing stress levels, boosting confidence and coordination, and giving you an energy boost. In contrast, its cons include high injury rates and excessive exercise frequency.

What are the most common injuries in kickboxing? ›

The most common kickboxing injuries include:
  • Concussion.
  • Lacerations.
  • Contusions.
  • Neck pain.
  • Shoulder dislocations.
  • Shoulder tendonitis.
  • Finger fractures.
  • Low back pain.

Can you train kickboxing without sparring? ›

You can gain many mental and physical benefits from learning kickboxing fighting techniques without ever applying them to sparring or competitions. Depending on your interests and goals with Kickboxing and martial arts, you may take one of a few different approaches to training.

Is kickboxing good for a woman? ›

Kickboxing allows women to reduce fat, tone and strengthen their bodies simultaneously. Because kickboxing is a full body workout, women can also increase their cardiovascular fitness, improve coordination, burn calories and increase their flexibility.

Do you need strong legs for kickboxing? ›

Legs (Quadriceps, hamstring, calves, glutes)

That includes your quadriceps and glutes, which are crucial when throwing kicks. Upper leg strength is fundamental in Kickboxing, so you will feel these muscles work and will usually be sore all the time at the beginning of your Kickboxing training.

How many hours do kickboxers train? ›

It varies—24–36 hours in many cases. But there may also be workouts in the gym—cardio, for instance, or some strength training.

How often should a kickboxer train? ›

Attend kickboxing class regularly.

As a beginner, you'll need to take classes 3 times a week, and work out on your own at least twice a week. Most professional fighters will train 2-3 times per day 4-6 times per week.

Why am I gaining weight while kickboxing? ›

While kickboxing does burn a lot of energy and will make gaining weight much more difficult, you do gain one thing: muscle. Kickboxing is an intense activity and stresses muscles in your upper body, lower body and core. When your muscles are stressed, they're forced to recover.

Is kickboxing a good way to lose weight? ›

Kickboxing provides an aerobic workout that burns calories and can help you lose weight. Research shows that elite and amateur kickboxers have more muscle mass and lower percentages of body fat. A person who weighs 155 pounds can burn 372 calories during just 30 minutes of kickboxing.

How many calories does 30 minutes of kickboxing burn? ›

According to Harvard Health, if you are about 125 lbs, you will burn about 300 calories for every 30-minute kickboxing class that you take. On the other hand, if you are 200 lbs, then doing kickboxing for 30 minutes will burn you about 450 calories.

Can you get a six pack from kickboxing? ›

Workouts like boxing and kickboxing naturally work the core, and all fighters always end a training session with abs. Having a strong core will not only give you the desired look of a six-pack, but it will also help prevent back pain and maintain good posture.

Is kickboxing better cardio than running? ›

Running and kickboxing burn about the same number of calories -- but kickboxing has a slight edge. According to research published by the Harvard Medical School, a 125-pound person running at 5 mph burns 240 calories in a half-hour. A person of the same size burns 300 calories kickboxing in the same amount of time.


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4. My 1st 3 classes at iLoveKickboxing.com
(Watermelon Prince)
5. 6 Week Kickboxing Challenge
(Raw Kickboxing and Fitness)
6. 2021 Kickboxing Special: Join Our Six-Week Fitness Kickboxing Challenge!
(Total Impact Martial Arts)
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