Install apps (2023)


Before you start

Before downloading and installing apps on your Lenovo, your Google account must be activated. In this guide the Facebook Messenger app is used as an example. You can navigate around in the Play Store to find other apps.NOTICE: SCREEN IMAGES MAY DIFFER FROM YOUR ACTUAL DEVICE.


Select Apps

Install apps (1)


Scroll to and select Play Store

(Video) Understanding How To Install Mac Apps Downloaded From Web Sites


Select the Search button

Install apps (3)


Enter the app name and select Search

Install apps (4)

facebook messenger

(Video) iPhone 12 Pro: How to Install Apps


Select the app

Install apps (5)


(Video) Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro How to Install Applications Maps,Games,Calculator,Radio,& More

Select Install

Install apps (6)


Select Accept & download

The app will ask for permission to access some of the information and functions in your phone.

Install apps (7)


(Video) HUAWEI Now Has Google Apps - How To Install

Wait for the installation process to finish

Install apps (8)


Select Open

Install apps (9)


Your app is ready to use

Install apps (10)

(Video) Install Any Application on Chrome OS


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